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LovieTech is an adventure, strategy, horror thing that is a thing. This is supposed to be silly, but also have a story that is revealed as the game progresses. Some of the gameplay is inspired by the gameplay type of Five Nights at Freddy's by Scott Cawthon, along with some dating simulator, and strategy. Those are only the minigames though. Mostly you explore a large factory as you solve puzzles, and progress through different, mixed gameplay elements with a large, colorful cast of characters such as Calci, The Virus, The Furbies, Metal, Lovie Dovie, and much more such as monsters meant for combat interupt you. Uh oh.
You play as an investigator. After a factory that produced dating A.I machines closed down, you hear stories about flashing lights appearing in the windows of the factory. Even stories about employees never escaping. You enter to see what the fuss is about.

Install instructions

When your game is installed, go into the files, and move the .exe file into the itch folder. Sorry for the troubles. This is my first game.


LovieTech--DatingDemo---1.0-win.zip 24 MB

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